Main focus areas

The main scientific activities of research structural units are realizing in the following lines:

  • New economy formation, regularity of modern civilization development: theory and practice  
  • Issues of interethnic and interconfessional communications in the Russian Federation
  • Innovation economy as a basis for national economic security protection: state, region, firm
  • Theory and practice of management
  • Marketing management in socioeconomic systems
  • Modern conceptions and technologies in science and education
  • Informational, cognitive technologies and systems in economy and education
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of the financial system functioning
  • Methodology, methods, mechanisms, tools and technologies of the economic systems functioning on the spheres of industry and entrepreneurship with a glance to globalization tendencies     
  • Efficacy of machines and equipments: methodological aspect
  • Scientific challenges in goods and service quality and assortment control, assortment expertise
  • World economy and Russia: integration processes and globalization
  • Methodology of sport industry development
  • Education in the humanities as a term of business development