Research Institutes and Centers

There are scientific and research divisions carry on applied research activities that meet the requirements of modern market. These divisions include:

  • 10 research and applied laboratories
  • 4 research institutes
  • 3 scientific centers for educational purposes
  • business incubator 
  • innovation technology center

Currently, 6 widely-recognized scientific schools are formed at the University:

  • "Economic theory" of prof. Galina P. Zhuravleva
  • "National history" of prof. Shamil M. Munchaev
  • "Finances" of prof. Vladimir A. Slepov
  • "Spacial factors of innovation economics" of prof. Sergey D. Valentey
  • "HR management" of prof. Yury G. Odegov

Since 2005 the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is a member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA). In the frame of this membership University’s postgraduates take part in the projects of EDAMBA. 

PRUE has the Council of Young Scholars and Student Scientific Society.  These organizations are dealing with coordination of scientific and research activities of young scholars, lecturers, specialists and students; also with organization of participation in scientific events.

Annually PRUE organize scientific conference  “Plekahnov’s Reading”. Participation in this conference is important event for graduates and postgraduates around the Russian Federation.