Research activities

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics holds a leading position among top Russian universities in the field of scientific personnel training. 38 departments of the University offer 17 scientific specialities for postgraduates (doctoral programs). Since 1928 the Postgraduate School is an integral part of the University enriching scientific potential of Russia with highly qualified professionals.

Professors and researchers of PRUE annually publish more than 100 monographs and 3.000 scientific articles. Results of researches are represented in authoritative international scientific journals belonging to scientometrical systems like SCOPUS and Web of Science.

Since 2005 the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is a member of the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA). In the frame of this membership University’s postgraduates take part in the projects of EDAMBA. 

PRUE has the Council of Young Scholars and Student Scientific Society.  These organizations are dealing with coordination of scientific and research activities of young scholars, lecturers, specialists and students; also with organization of participation in scientific events.

Annually PRUE organize scientific conference  “Plekahnov’s Reading”. Participation in this conference is important event for graduates and postgraduates around the Russian Federation.