Non-degree courses

CIM Program 

Professional Certificate in Marketing 

Qualifications for those who plann career advancement working at ancillary positions in marketing (marketing assistant, marketing coordinator of programs and projects, managers of small and medium business), as well as for those who are not marketers but would like to challange the marketing position. The certificate will help to better understand the function of marketing at the tactical, operational levels.

The program of Professional Certificate in Marketing includes following disciplines:

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Assessing the marketing environment
  • Marketing information and research Stakeholder marketing

CIM Program

Professional Diploma in Marketing

Qualifications for managers responsible for implementation of the marketing functions at the operational level, as well as for those who would like to work on the middle management level in the field of marketing.

The program of Professional Diploma in Marketing includes following disciplines:

  • Marketing planning process
  • Delivering customer value through marketing
  • Managing marketing
  • Project management in marketing 


Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

This program is delivering for specialists in marketing working on the level of strategic management



Russian Language Course


Plekhanov University offers its foreign students a course of the Russian language. The course covers all language skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and in-depth study of vocabulary and grammar.

The program is composed in such a way that at the end of training foreign students can pass the state exam in the Russian language for a certificate. The language is taught in small groups (up to 12 people). Beginners can be offered an intensive course (18 hours per week).