Plekhanov Russian University of Economics has 107 year history and closely connected with commercial and industrial sectors of Russia.

The necessity to train the professional staff – managers, economists, commercial engineers – came with break-neck growth of industry and economy in the Russian Empire at the beginning of 20th century.At that times Moscow society for proliferation of commercial education had bought the land on donation in Zamoskvorechye for construction the commercial college for men.

The commercial college for men was established by a Russian entrepreneur and philanthropistAlexey Vishnyakov in 1901. Initially the college was located in timber buildings. In autumn 1903 the new building of the college constructed on a design of famous architect AlexanderZelenko opened its doors. In 1904 the commercial college for men was honorably named after Tsesarevich Alexey.

A year later near the college for men the Society opened the commercial female college with a chapel for the sake of God’s Mother icon “Recovery of the fallen”.   At the same time the courses for training of teachers for these colleges had been organized.  By 1907 the courses had been grown to the level of fully-fledged higher school and they were reformed into Moscow commercial institute.  The Minister of Commerce and Industry of Russian Empire signed the relevant document on February 19, 1907 and this date is considered the date of foundation of the first Russian higher school of economics.

In 1911 the construction of the institute building started. Alas, only the first turn had been erected, the First World War prevented the further construction. During the war more than 2000 students fought and worked at battlefront, and hospital for wounded soldiers was organized in the building of commercial school for female.

In 1919 the Institute became state and changed its name for Moscow Institute of National Economy. Initially it was named after Karl Marx, and only in 1924 the institute was given name of GeorgiPlehanov –Russian philosopher and eminent Marxist theoretician.

In the first years of the Soviet government the institute struggled for its existence – there were shortages of fuel, food; there was no salary for teachers in the time of chaos. The Institute, however, succeeded to go through the tough period and to progress again.

The 40th brought the country a terrible ordeal – the Second World War. During the war hundreds of students and working staff of Moscow Institute of National Economy left for battlefront and the majority of them were volunteers. Most of them fought in 17th people’s emergency volunteer corps, consisted of entire “companies of Plekhanov staff”.

Post war years were the time of the Moscow Institute of National Economy prosperity. Institute became the biggest higher school of economic profile in Soviet Russia. The active re-equipment of scientific and technical base was conducted and progressive economic investigations as well. In 1970-80 the new educational building, culture center, dormitory were constructed. During the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 the foreign sportsmen lived in the Institute’sdormitory.

In 1991 against the background of social and political changes in RussiaMoscow Institute of National Economy changed its name and became Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.  The academy kept pace with the time, without being behind the rapidly changing realities of Russian economic life.

Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics has met XXI century with a new round of development – reorganization of educational process, new training areas, and big maintenance and construction jobs. In 2010 the academy was awarded the high status of University.

After a century the First and the Second historical buildings of University are presented before us in their initial appearance. The restoration of historical buildings of the University was made, their initial appearance was renewed. It was very important to save the historical interior of the building, authenticity of appearance. The city can be proud of restored monuments of architecture of beginning of XX century and the students and staff can enjoy the study and work in the beautiful and comfortable educational buildings.

Today Plekhanov Russian University of Economics is recognizable and reputable educational and scientific brand. Tenth of thousand graduates of the university work successfully in Russia and abroad and most of them are the pride of Russian economic life.