Department of Foreign Languages

Mission: to train economists who would be competitive in today’s dynamic business environment, and, specifically, in the global arena with a good command of language and multicultural competence.

The Department of Foreign Languages was established in September 2007 following changes in the structure of the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics. Previously it was part of the Language Center. In September 2011 the Department became part of the Humanities Center at the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics. The strategic goal of language studies at the University is to equip the would-be (future) economists and managers with the language and multicultural language which are instrumental in ensuring effective professional communication in a foreign environment. This is achieved through developing students’ language and communicative competence.

Languages: Students study English, French and German.

Nowadays 49 teachers work at the Department. Among its teaching staff there are holders of internationally recognized professional teaching certificates, as well as regular participants in international conferences and grant holders.

The target audience of the Department includes:

  • Full and part-time students of the following Faculties: General Economics, Finance, Business, Marketing, Management and Distance learning students.
  • Applicants for a post-graduate course from all the departments of the University who are to take examinations required for a higher degree
  • University entrants who take part in Foreign Languages Competitions
  • University entrants who take competitive entrance examinations to the Russian Plekhanov University of Economics