Department of Foreign Economic Activity

Mission: to provide comprehensive educational programs that attend to the needs of all the students. Aligned with skilled teachers the Department gives bachelors and masters knowledge in international business and foreign economic activity so that students are able to participate actively in social, economic and spiritual development of society.

Department of Foreign Economic Activity was established in 1996. Department of Foreign economic activity includes the following aspects: The use of active teaching methods: case study from Russian and foreign practices, training centers, simulation systems, design and analysis sessions, various group projects, individual and group presentations, research seminars.

Today the department has 28 teachers including 8 doctors, 13 PhDs and 7 teachers without a degree. All teachers without a degree are working on their dissertation papers. Professors exercise the guidance of Russian and foreign postgraduate students (from Ukraine, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan etc.).


Stremyanny per. 36, Moscow, 117997, Building #3, room #511, 507

Phone: +7 (499)237-63-38