Postgraduate programs

Training of the post-graduate students in PRUE has many years of experience. Since 1934 more than 5000 students have completed the post-graduate studies. Many of them continue scientific research and pedagogical activity and are employed in higher education system in the Russian Federation and abroad.

There are two levels of post-graduate Research Degree Programs at PRUE: Doctoral (corresponding to PhD degree — Candidate of Science) Full Professorship Programs (DSc. — Doctor of Science) Currently, PRUE offers 6 Full Professorship Programs and 17 specialized PhD programs. The annual number of students at PhD and Doctoral programs is around 700 persons.

PRUE postgraduate programs are:

  • Chemical sciences
  • High-molecular connections
  • Catalysis
  • Engineering science
  • Processes and devices of food manufactures
  • Commodity research of the foodstuff and product technology of public catering
  • Commodity research of manufacture goods and raw materials of light industry
  • Historical science
  • Domestic history
  • Economical science
  • Economic theory
  • Economics and management of national economy
  • Finance, monetary circulation and credit
  • Accounting and statistics
  • Mathematical and economy tool methods
  • 14 World economics
  • Philosophical sciences
  • Ontology and theory of knowledge
  • Jurisprudence
  • Civil law, entrepreneurial law, family law, international private law
  • Sociological sciences
  • Economic sociology and demography
  • Social structure, social institutes and processes

All programs delivered in Russian.

EDAMBA membership is of exceptional importance for PRUE as it contributes to promotion of the best research practices, creates conditions for mobility of doctoral students. Cooperation with EDAMBA enables us to be engaged in collaborative research activities with partner institutions across Europe, including Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, University of Zagreb in Croatia, Bratislava University of Economics in Slovakia and others. PhD students have regular opportunities to access a variety of events such as summer and winter schools, seminars and workshops, annual dissertation theses competitions.


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