Faculty of Engineering and Economics

Mission: preparation of bachelors, masters and specialists, which organically combines both technical and economic knowledge; capability of solving a wide range of economic, management, organization and engineering problems, in both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing areas.

We always where known that a good top manager of company should organically combine technical and as well as  economic knowledge.

The basis for the creation of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics was the engineering and technological field of studies, one of the oldest at the University. The classes are held in modern technological and research laboratories. The educational process is based on software products, such as Primavera and Project Expert for project management, Autodesk и AutoCAD for engineering, and Fedelio-Micros and R-Keeper for emulating and hotel management.


Educational programs of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics 

  • Bachelor of Technology and organization of the foodstuffs and catering
  • Bachelor of Technological machines and equipment
  • Bachelor of Economics of Company
  • Bachelor of Project Management
  • Bachelor of Production Management