Department of Business Analysis and Audit

The Department of Business Analysis and Audit carries out educational, teaching, research and pedagogical activities, and actively works on enhancing the prestige of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics by participating in expert councils of the bodies of state administration, in professional associations and academic institutions on the issues of business analysis, commercial and public sector audit, internal and external financial control.

Educational activities include teaching courses and preparing graduates in the following programs:
- specialist’s and bachelor's degree in “Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit”;
- master’s degree in two master’s programs: “Internal control and audit” and “Financial and operational business analytics” carried out at the Department of Business;
- additional education programs at the Department of Business and Department of Distance Learning (second higher education in “Accounting, Economic Analysis and Audit”, advanced training in the field of auditing, taxation, business analysis, budgetary accounting, control, etc).


Stremyanny per. 36, Moscow, 117997, Building #3, room # 718

Phone: +7(495) 958-21-44