Faculty of Mathematical Economics and Informatics

Mission: training highly qualified professionals with basic knowledge and up-to-date competencies in the field of modern economic and mathematical analysis and modeling, statistical analysis of data, application of quantitative tools for managerial decisions to develope and apply complicated informational, intellectual and analitical systems.  

The Faculty ofMathematical Economics and Inforamtics is formed on a basis of merging in 2013 of two faculties: the Faculty of Economics and Mathematics and the Faculty of Informational Systems.  

The system of training is based on the detailed study of fundamental mathematical and economic disciplines, as well as computer technology, the good knowledge of which enables the graduates to get prestigious qualification and the opportunity of further development of education level and professional growth. The Faculty of Mathematical Economics and Inforamtics trains professionals who are aimed at handling analytical work, who are knowledgeable and able to develop and apply modern decision-making techniques at various levels of economic management.

For today there are more than 700 full-time and part time students undergoing training on programmes of the School.

Educational programs of the Faculty ofMathematical Economics and Inforamtics

  • Bachelor of Applied Informatics (62 students)
  • Bachelor of Informational Safety (57 students)
  • Bachelor of Business Informatics (73 students)
  • Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (77 students)
  • Master of Quantitave Methods of Business Processes Reseach (9 students)
  • Master of Informational Business Analytics (10 students)
  • Master of Economic Risks (10 students)


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