Faculty of Finance

Mission: Training competitive professionals, providing investment attractiveness of the Faculty and University for Russian and international financial markets.

Training professionals in the field of finance at Plekhanov University dates back to 1907, the moment when the Moscow Commercial Institute was established. Nowadays the Faculty of Finance is one of the key faculties of PRUE. The Faculty trains bachelors in several fields of studies focused on the work at prestigious financial companies, stock markets, banks, insurance companies and other public and private financial institutions having great potential.

Educational programs of the Faculty of Finance

  • Bachelor of Finance and Credit
  • Bachelor of Tax and Taxation 
  • Bachelor of Securities and Derived Instruments
  • Bachelor of Banking
  • Bachelor of Insurance
  • Bachelor of Financial Management
  • Master of Banking 
  • Master of Corporate Taxation
  • Master of Corporate Finance
  • Master of Strategic Finance
  • Master of Insurance
  • Master of Securities
  • Master of Valuation Activities
  • Master of Valuation Report Expertise


Contacts: Tel.: +7 (499) 237-87-72 (499) 237-85-07 E-mail: ff@rea.ru