Faculty of Distance Learning

Mission: education provided at the Faculty allows to create the future for the benefit of Russia, to make things which seem to be impossible today, but tomorrow they will be essential.

The history of the Faculty of Distance Learning started in 1998 when the Centre of Distance Learning was created. Centre was transformed into the Institute of Distance Learning in 2002 and then, in 2004, as a result of successful introduction of distance technologies into the process of studies and the permanently increasing number of students, the Institute was transformed into the Faculty of Distance Learning (FDL).

The Faculty of Distance Learning organizes the studying process with the use of modern educational technologies. It helps to effectively combine work and studies, quality and reasonable prices, state educational standards and individual approach. Choosing among the forms of studies students are offered a part-time form or studying by correspondence. Those who have secondary vocational economic education can study at abridged programs of some fields.

Plekhanov University represented by FDL became a member of the European Distance and E- Learning Network (EDEN) and received accreditation for certification of financial market specialists. 

For today there are 1680 students undergoing training on bachelor programmes of the FDL.


Educational programs of the Faculty of Distance Learning

  • Bachelor of Marketing (41 students)
  • Bachelor of Finance Management (60 students)
  • Bachelor of Finance Accounting (44 students)
  • Bachelor of Enterprise Management (55 students)
  • Bachelor of Project Management (15 students)
  • Bachelor of Logictics (16 students)
  • Bachelor of HR Management (29 students)
  • Bachelor of State and Municipal Administration (7 students)
  • Bachelor of Trade (78 students)
  • Bachelor of Commodity management (9 students)
  • Bachelor of Finance and Credit (567 students)
  • Bachelor of Accounting, Analysis and Audit (203 students)
  • Bachelor of World Economy (90 student)
  • Bachelor of Economic of Enterprise and Organization (164 students)
  • Bachelor of Banking (16 students)
  • Bachelor of Civil Law (65 students)
  • Master of Equity management (138 students)
  • Master of Examination of Valuation Reports (54 students)

Tel: +7 (499) 764-53-74
E-mail: fdo2012@mail.ru