Times Higher Education interviewed PRUE First Vice-Rector

Weekly magazine reporting specifically on news related to higher education Times Higher Education interviewed PRUE First Vice-Rector prof. Leonid A. Bragin within the analytical research made on the development of Russian higher education.

The analytical research was made by Jack Grove, reporter covering teaching and learning issues, who touched the case of quality and the policy of merging and closing of Russian educational institutions.

J. Grove gives an example of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics pointing that after PRUE merged with the lower-ranked Russian State University of Trade and Economics in 2012 its student body rose from about 13,000 students, mainly in Moscow, to 60,000 students across Russia and beyond.  To improve educational standards, Plekhanov has introduced a single curriculum for its 33 branch campuses, including those in Siberia, St Petersburg, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. “Some of the branches did not take it too well because they had a lot of freedom before,” says Leonid Bragin, Plekhanov’s vice-rector. Following the changes, local institutions will still control 30 to 45 per cent of the curriculum.

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