International media journalists visited PRUE


The Press Trip was organized in order to establish effective information exchange between PRUE and international media. This exchange is supposed to form an expert position of PRUE in the international education sphere as well as to increase international recognition of the University.

The media crew consisted of representatives of leading print and internet media: Jean-Alain Ngapout - «The Global Player» (Austria), Jutta Sommerbauer - «Die Presse» (Austria), Irina Dotsenko - «Dawai» (Austria), Benjamin Quenelle - «Les Echos» (France); Johannes Voswinkel - «DIE ZEIT» (Germany), Elisabeth Gesine Dornblüth - «DEUTSCHLANDRADIO» (Germany), Nina Melnichenko - «International Life Plus» (USA), Jeanne Cavelier - «Radio Monaco» (France).

During the meeting with executives of the University the questions concerning international students and faculty involvement and exchanges, University’s social policy, copyright protection, and others were discussed.